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Welcome to the ‘Home’ page of the St. James’s web site. You will find all manner of information in the following pages and we hope you enjoy looking at them. Feel free to contact us using the information on the ‘Contacts’ page. Whether you need to contact the vicar or the Parochial Church Council, a Churchwarden or the Child Protection Officer, the contact details are there and you are invited to use them. St. James’s is a small parish church in a rural setting and although we could not compete with a city centre church for the activities we enjoy, much more goes on than one might imagine. From weekday services to concerts and school visitors, and churchyard maintenance parties, this lovely Norman church doesn’t sit idly between Sundays. Take a look at the events, services and special services pages, not forgetting and JAM Club and other regular and occasional events.

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Each week when practical, the pew sheet is put on this website so that you can see the details of the service. It contains details of the services,notices, contact details and more.

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We have some excellent bell-ringers at St. James’s and if you would like to join them, whether you have some experience or you wish to learn, contact us. We have a ring of six bells, the details of which you can find on the ‘Building’ page.

Morning Star Newsletter

After the intensity of Easter and the build-up during Holy Week, the church resumes its activities with renewed zeal, confident in the risen Lord.

The next major event in the church’s calendar is Pentecost which occurs this year on Sunday 8th June when we recall the coming of the Holy Spirit, though the weeks until and after then are full of pleasures and challenges.

Next Sunday, 27th April sees our Annual General Meeting, strictly the Annual Parochial Church Meeting at which Parochial Church Council members are elected and reports of the past year’s activities are given. This will happen at about 12.30 after the morning service and all are welcome to attend, although only members of the Electoral Roll may vote. Please contact the PCC if you wish to join the Roll. Email

Read the latest newsletter from Morning Star by clicking the button above, and look at the Charities page to see pictures of the children enjoying a trip.