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The children all love Messy Church. Not been yet? You’re missing out! Sticking, colouring, cutting, sowing seeds, singing, eating and even paper aeroplanes and kite flying; all in a Messy Church.
Sessions are held on the third Saturday of each month.

It’s Summer Holiday time. Our next meeting is on

Saturday 15th September

Do come along and bring your friends.

The children are encouraged to be creative by joining in with group and individual activities in church. There is no ‘hard sell’ of Christianity but each session focuses on an appropriate biblical story or event and relevant illustrative and artistic activities are created by our team for the children to enjoy.

Children from the age of about five are welcome with parents.

What is Messy Church? It’s a national organization - take a look at their website -

Do contact our ‘Messy’ team to find out more about it.